• Kramer: I heard that you have a very special birthday card with all the Yankee autographs on it.
  • Bobby: Sure do, mister!
  • [Bobby takes out framed card]
  • Kramer: Oh, that's it, yeah. Boy, Stubs sure went to town with this thing, huh? Yeah well, Bobby, uh, what if I told you a very important person at the New York Yankees needed this card back?
  • Bobby: Oh, no. I'd never part with this card for anything in the world.
  • Kramer: Well, uh... Bobby, who's your favorite Yankee?
  • Bobby: Paul O'Neill.
  • Kramer: All right. What if I tell Paul O'Neill to hit a home run tomorrow -- just for you?
  • Bobby: Would he? Paul O'Neill would do that?
  • Kramer: For you, he would.
  • Bobby: Would he hit TWO home runs?
  • Kramer: Two? ...sure, kid, yeah. But then you gotta promise you'll do something for me.
  • Bobby: I know -- get out of this bed one day and walk again!
  • Kramer: Yeah, that would be nice but I really just need this card.

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