‎(Hey, sorry, this is going to get nerdy but between artness and eBay, I ship a lot of stuff via USPS and while my local office is stellar and I’ve had nothing but positive experience with their service, this information seems relevant.)

If you’re upset with the US Postal Service doing away with Saturday mail delivery, here are some fun facts: 

a. For the last seven years, there has been more junk mail than first-class mail (note: it takes three pieces of junk mail to replace the profit of a single first-class letter)
b. There are over 30,000 USPS locations in America; that is more than McDonalds, Starbucks, and Walmart combined
c. The postal service has over 260,000 vehicles (making it the largest vehicle fleet of any kind, in the world)
d. They currently employ over 570,000 people (the second-largest civilian employer behind Walmart) 
e. They have cut over 150,000 jobs in the last five years
f. The postal service hasn’t covered its budget (much less turned a profit) in over five years — they’ve reported over $30 billion in losses over the last three years alone

Unfortunately, the American post office model is horrendously outdated and has been bleeding for years. Things have been in desperate need of change for a while. Look to what Europe and Japan did decades ago and start taking notes.

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