guess i'm just wondering if your single because a long distance relationship sounds lovely with you. — Asked by Anonymous

Am I single?


But truthfully, I haven’t any interest in pursuing a long distance relationship with anyone. I have no firsthand experience but based on everything I’ve heard/read/understood from friends and the bastions of truth that are television/film, those situations are rife with unpleasantness for all involved parties. That’s on top of the fact that I’m not even sure I would be able to function in a serious relationship with anyone, regardless of their location.

That being said: I’m sure you are lovely, greyfaced person. And you can certainly do a lot better than me. Like, say, a video game console. Or a pizza.

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  1. pseudophedrine said: omg ‘so maybe if you need a green card’ im dying
  2. fallingupward said: oh ye who lacks faith.
  3. captaintalia said: Haha at the pizza part. Made me giggle + I identified because pizza has been a better boyfriend to me than any boy ever has. Also would like more info on why you don’t think you could function in a serious relationship because tumblr.
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