A lobster is smarter than me.

that’s a mantis shrimp

and it is definitely smarter than me


It’s because of how they see color. It was probably super obnoxious to them how the colors didn’t match up. 

fucking shrimps i stg

It looks like a puppet

It’s FAKE. According to Dr. Roy Caldwell, who originally uploaded the clip to YouTube:

The clip was used as promotional teaser for a BBC series called “Wildlife on 1” hosted by David Attenborough. We filmed a half hour program on my research on stomatopods called “Fastest Claw in the West”. One sequence looked at the ability of stomatopods to learn to open plastic cubes to obtain shrimp. The cubes were hollow and a glass plate covered the hole. To get the shrimp, the animal had to break the glass - much the same behavior needed to open a snail. The stomatopods were presented two cubes of different colors or with different patterns. Only one cube contained food and they had to learn which one. They learn this fairly quickly.

One day while shooting, we went to lunch and walked past a shop that had a Rubik’s cube keychain in the window. It was the same size as the cubes we were using with the stomatopods. I bought it and in between filming, we gave it to one of the O. scyllarus. It would retrieve it like it would a feeding cube, turn it around and strike. We got the idea of shooting a sequence with the animal “solving” the cube. We kept presenting the cube in various states of solution to the animal and eventually gave it a solved cube. Just as they would a snail shell, when the animal determines that there is no more food to be had, they throw out the remains. It was then easy to cut together a sequence of the cube being “solved” along with some head scratching (eye cleansing), etc. When Attenborough saw it, he decided to use it as a promo piece.

For the record, I don’t think “how they see color” is a justification for a shrimp (even a genius shrimp) being not only smarter than the average human but capable of quickly spinning the columns/rows of a Rubik’s Cube. Seeing color really well doesn’t grant you opposable thumbs or an instant understanding of how to rotate a man-made toy on more than one axis.

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