Christmas cards, vol. 2!

These are the rest of the designs I used for my Christmas/holiday cards, this year. All of them are from a Superhero Squad coloring book I got from Dollar Tree. They were all completed with colored pencils and India Ink. I did 18 originals (mainly for close friends and family) and then 47 prints.

All the prints have one of these designs, with the dumb little taglines I came up with, to make them more like Valentines or something (I don’t know, Christmas cards are usually boring and stuffy so I stole another holiday’s gimmick).

Anyway: in case you didn’t like the one you got (rude) or didn’t receive a card at all (it’s not my fault if you never said you wanted one and/or never gave me your address), here’s a look at the goods. Choose your own adventure. Or don’t. Happy whatever.

Oh, and if you haven’t received a card yet, avert your eyes and preserve the surprise.

The views expressed in these holiday cards are those of the characters depicted therein and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, Justin. 

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